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Easy Windows
Easy Windows

Glass & Glazing

Choosing the Right Glass

When choosing the right window for your needs, consider how all the components work together – Frame, Sash (opening system) and Glazing (glass type).

Glazing can determine the window style you need if you have special requirements, and vice versa. For example, soundproof glass works best with a window sash that has superior insulation, such as our tilt & turn windows with multiple locking points.

For advise or more information on choosing the right glass, contact our friendly team or visit our showroom.

Local Glass

Easy Windows sources glass from local glass suppliers. These Double and Triple Glazed unit have been tested in Australia for their performance against heat and UV light, acoustic bleed, durability, and bushfire zones.

Read our FAQ section for more information on the performance of Double Glazing, or contact us to find out more about specific glass and window performance ratings.


Glass Options


Clear Glass Windows

Clear Glass
This is the most economic and popular glass type and provides all the basic thermal insulation and soundproofing needs. Thicknesses available are 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm for each window pane. Clear glass can also come toughened or laminated when required.

Tinted Glass samples

Tinted Glass
Tinted glass has been darkened to reduce the amount of the UV rays from direct sunlight that enter your home. Different Tints are available.

Frosted Glass Window

Obscure Glass
Obscure glass is also known as frosted glass, and is typically used in bathrooms where privacy and light is required. Thicknesses available are 4mm, 5mm and 6mm for each window pane.


Acoustic Glass Doors

Soundproof Glass
Acoustic requirements are met typically by using thicker panes of glass. For example, to achieve maximum soundproofing properties, a window or door can be fitted with a double-glazed unit of glass where the outside sheet is 10mm and the inside sheet is 6mm thick. Special studio quality glass can be used in severe cases.

Low-E Glass Window

Low E-Glass
Low-e (Low Emissivity) glass is used to improve the thermal properties of windows and doors. The glass is typically used on North facing walls in Australia and helps passive heating – moderating internal temperature by preventing energy (heat or cold) transfer. Low-e glass is good for warming cold houses and has excellent insulating properties against excessive summer heat.

Bushfire Glass Door

Bushfire Glass
Bushfire glass is basically toughened glass in different thicknesses to suit required BAL rating. Bushfire double glazing combined with our flame retardant uPVC frames provide fire protection with the best heat resistance. Ask about our BAL-40 rated windows for more information.


Integrated Blinds DGU

Integrated Blinds
Integrated Venetian blinds (glazing) are built-in the air gap between the two layers of glass. The blinds are controlled by magnetic sliders neatly placed onto the surface of the glass unit. As the blinds are totally sealed within the units they require no cleaning or maintenance while providing shade.

Colonial Bars Integrated DGU

Colonial Bars
Colonial bars are integrated inside the air gap of the glazed unit. These are custom made to suit any type of house, but specifically to match heritage or federation-style homes. They require no extra cleaning or maintenance than your regular double or triple glazed unit, and can be fitted into any configuration (except with integrated blinds).

Toughened Glass Door

Safety Glass
Toughened or laminated glass is required by law to be installed in all door systems and wet areas where the window is less than 2m from the floor. Thickness available are 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm. All glass types come in a toughened and laminated variety.

All glass options are delivered as sealed units, unglazed unless factory glazing is more appropriate, and are installed and adjusted by a Sydney-based professional team. All glass options (except Integrated Blinds) can be filled with argon gas for added performance. We source custom double and triple glazed glass units from the best local glass manufacturers.