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Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits infographic

Sustainable Production

The extrusion process of uPVC is the most energy-efficient of its counterparts for window and door frame materials. Aluminium, in comparison, uses an exorbitant amount of fuel and resources to be extracted. Additionally, where uPVC has been specified as an alternative to wood, the rate of consumption of forests is slowed.

The manufacturing of uPVC is also continuously improving to ensure production is as sustainable as possible. The extrusion and production of uPVC profiles in Germany abides by strict environmental standards, which is why Easy Windows has chosen to import from Germany directly.

Energy Saving

Once installed, uPVC double and triple glazed windows reduce the amount of energy used inside a space for heating & cooling. For some households, this can be one of the leading energy consumption.

Fully Recyclable

Very little energy is used to produce uPVC window frames and these can be recycled into new uPVC window frames up to 6 times before retiring to indoor use and being recycled into other useful items.

Long Lifespan

uPVC is made to last. Our windows and door frames can last a lifetime and won’t need to be replaced and waste extra material. With uPVC, recycling is the last resort!