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Easy Windows
Easy Windows

About Us

Easy Windows has been manufacturing uPVC windows and doors on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for 19 years. Our uPVC profiles and hardware are made in Germany and assembled in our factory in Sydney using glass from local suppliers. As a family business, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and bringing better windows to our communities.

EW Factory

Our History

Easy Windows started in 2004 in a small factory in Warriewood, and has now grown to be one of Sydney’s best reputed suppliers of double glazed, uPVC windows and doors. We are one of the first uPVC window manufacturers in Sydney, and it was our goal to bring energy efficient and highly insulating European windows to help against the hot Australian climate. We have since evolved to provide a wide variety of solutions with double glazed uPVC windows and doors. Our customers biggest concerns are noise reduction, heat and/or cold insulation, durability and energy efficiency.

Our Values

Windows play a huge role in our comfort and quality of life. It is important to invest in quality windows, which is why we are dedicated to providing solutions that will reduce stress and problems for our customers.

Contact us to see how we can help give you the best investment to your home comfort.


Easy Windows offers 10 years warranty on all our windows and doors, and 6 years against workmanship defects. Contact us if you have any questions about warranty or read more about our Window After-Care service.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is uPVC?
Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (uPVC) window frames have been used since the 1950s in Europe and have since become the material of choice for windows in all types of builds, from industrial buildings to heritage houses. It is now the most common window material in the world as it is durable, fully recyclable and low-maintenance.

Easy Window uses specialised uPVC profiles from German company aluplast that have a ‘tropical mix’ compound, targeted to last against tropical and costal climates.

uPVC frame Design – Will it suit any style?
Easy Windows uPVC windows are highly customisable and offer varied styles, colours, textures and designs to match your needs. Our windows and doors can be fitted and easily integrate into any type of property, from residential houses and apartments to commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals and modern office blocks.

With their great versatility, uPVC window and door styles have come a long way and will satisfy any taste.

How does Double & Triple Glazing Work?
Double (or triple) glazing is a glass unit that has two (or three) panes of thick glass with an air gap in between. The thickness of each glass pane, as well as the air gap in between, varies depending on the window type. The gap can also be filled with Argon gas to improve performance and reduce thermal and acoustic bleed by disrupting the wavelengths travelling through.

This configuration creates better insulation and reinforces the most vulnerable part of the building – Windows and Doors. Our most common double glazed glass unit is 28mm thick: 4mm glass / 20mm gap / 4mm glass. Different variations are available, as well as thicker units for higher and targeted performance.

Cost-efficiency of uPVC Double & Triple Glazing
Double and triple glazing will always cost more than a single pane of glass, however, it easily makes up for long-term heating and cooling costs. As uPVC is a non-conductive material, unlike aluminium, there is no heat transfer through the edge of the window making it the most practical window frame material for cost-effective double glazing. This also works against acoustic bleed. When investing in double glazing uPVC, you also are increasing your property value due to the low-maintenance, durability, and energy-efficiency of your windows and doors.

Does Easy Windows make aluminium or timber frames, or single glazed windows and doors?
No, we specialise in uPVC window and door frames made for double or triple glazed units only.


Our Partners

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