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Delivery & Installation

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Easy Windows offers delivery as part of our service. We can deliver across all of Greater Sydney, and to some regional areas in NSW. As glass is at its most precarious state during transport, we work on securing and overseeing the process to ensure the order arrives in perfect condition. No matter the type of property or the size of the order, we can arrange a convenient and hassle-free delivery process for all our clients.

Contact us to discuss your delivery requirements.

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Installation & Glazing

Easy Windows works with third-party installers in Sydney who have decades of experience in uPVC window & door installation for double & triple glazing. As we are still an emerging industry in Australia, uPVC double/triple glazed windows and doors require experienced glazers and installers.

Installation & glazing services can be added on as a service by Easy Windows.

Contact us to discuss your installation and glazing needs.

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Window After-Care Service

Easy Windows uPVC windows and doors are highly durable, which is why we offer an extremely long warranty of 10 years on the product, and 6 years against workmanship defects. All our windows and doors require minimum maintenance, with only an annual clean with soapy water (do not use abrasive chemicals) and oiling of hardware to ensure they continue to look and perform as new.

Easy Windows also provides service calls outside of warranty for adjustments and hardware replacement.

If you need window and door servicing, Contact us to ask about after-care service.