PVC Frames


All our windows provide great acoustic insulation (a standard tilt & turn unit will reduce noise to Rw=32dBa) and, in severe cases, we can fit our windows with acoustic glass (which will reduce noise to Rw=43dBa) or go even further by installing two sets of windows in front of one another.

UPVC is a non-conductive substance, which means that, combined with double or triple glazing, our windows are unparalleled in energy efficiency as they massively reduce the amount of heat loss and gain. This in turn greatly reduces heating and air conditioning expenses.

The multi-locking point system, used in all our windows and doors, ensures total safety and protection against burglary, and we offer an array of safety glasses, which are virtually unbreakable, as well as lockable handles for added safety. Our windows are of course water tight, as they benefit from our multi-locking point system which leaves no air leakage and are pressure equalised, and are bushfire resistant due to the self extinguishing property of uPVC.